Internet presence ... more important than ever before

Having a website, no matter what its size, is how people find out about you and your business. 


Online studies show that 78% of consumers believe it is very important to look up information about businesses online before deciding to interact or do business with them.

Simple example:

I live a bit outside Ennis. I wanted to find a bakery that specialises in continental baked goods and sourdough breads. So I asked the search engine (the one we all know) to find me such a bakery with the search words "continental bread ennis".

The first search result was a comment in a social network site about bread. No help here. The second result listed, however, said "Andy's Bakery" . I clicked the link and hey presto! I was on Andy's website. I found everything I wanted to know. Plus his phone number to call and ask for offers on catering service.

What's unique about Andy's web presence is the simplicity and the no-frills attitude. You see the pictures of the goods, you read the description of what's on offer, you find the shop address plus the telephone number. That's it. That's all that's needed.

I really don't want to navigate through umpteen pages looking for those details. I don't really care about the background of the business or why this is the best bakery in town. I will decide the latter for myself, thank you very much!

As you see, there really is no need for a fancy expensive website with flashing lights, bells and whistles. Your customer really doesn't need it. And might even dislike it.

Our concept:  

My BizCard online  -  Your business Card on the Internet  -  Your business online !

Simply a business card is enough to give all the details your customer wants and needs. Once your little site is done, it needs to be optimised for the search engines to find it quickly and list it in the top search results on the first page. Because, and that is a proven fact, people hardly EVER read the search results past the first page.

This means, the optimisation needs to be done well and thorough in order to make your little site pop up amongst the "Top Ten".

In order to meet the increasing demand of small shops and stores for an  inexpensive, yet efficient, web presence, we have set up this offer of the perfect "business card online".

Free building of the website itself, free hosting on our well established server, and low monthly fee guaranteed! 

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